Standard Media Index - Standard Media Index has the only accurate, actionable ad spend data fresh from the invoicing source, so you can tackle high stakes decisions with confidence.


True ROI, demystified at last.

Stop guessing—discover exactly where your ad spend goes. Follow customers along their path-to-purchase and learn what’s working, what isn’t, and where to place ad dollars to beat the competition.


Find out how (and where) to beat your competitors.

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Leave the bewilderment of cross-platform ROI behind.

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Competitor Spend Monitoring

Assess competitive ad spend activity and ROI, so you can tweak your media mix for improved ROI

Granular TV + Digital data

Insights across multiple touch points in your consumer’s journey towards purchase decision

Data-Driven Targeting

Find the best platforms, networks, or programs for targeting relevant in-market audiences

Premium-tier Solutions

Add customized reporting on any other dimension you require for the most accurate picture

Best-in-Class Partners

Linking deterministically to the most granular and transparent third party datasets

Category Analysis

Follow data by category and subcategories to easily understand how your brand stacks up

Data at critical mass.

SMI Market Insights

Our magic is in our method.

Real Spend

We source actual ad spend from 5 of the 7 major media buying holding companies, across the globe. No estimates, no smoke and mirrors.

Real Time

We keep our data up to date. Our ad spend and precise Unit Costs across all media are cleansed and aggregated two weeks after every month.

Real Insights

What do you need to know? Choose from hundreds of different reporting dimensions to power thousands of unique insights.

Real Results

Make big-ticket decisions with assurance. SMI’s actionable, cross-media intel gives you the edge in a competitive marketplace.

So, what's in our toolbox?

Our ROI reports provide our clients with overarching trends, big-picture successes and failures, and unrivaled strategic learnings. SMI leverages best-in-class partner relationships to bring unprecedented clarity to the customer attribution journey.

Journey-wide Analytics

Access data-driven intelligence from consideration-to-purchase, tracking the impact of of TV/digital exposure

Multiple verticals

Dive into data with global partners including auto, retail, movie studios, telcos, and more

Barrier-free access

Explore previously impossible dimensions including pricing, timeliness, macro and micro views

Immediately actionable

Use information to help clients target TV and digital audiences based on their previous behavioral characteristics

Privacy compliance

SMI and our partners adhere strictly to established personal information protection protocols

Completely Customizable

SMI can create bespoke reports and products to fit your budget and needs

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Our Core product provides a cross-platform view of ad spend data by tracking the flow of advertising dollars across 6 media types and 40 subtypes. It's the largest pool of real advertising spend, enabling the ability to make important decisions based on real market trends.


Monitor media mix ad spend trends on 65K+ individual platforms


Combine 24+ dimensions with 6 media types and 40 media subtypes

Historical analysis

SMI datasets date back to 2009 offering accurate, historical trends

Competitive intelligence

View competitor spend across all dimensions for a complete picture


Follow where advertiser categories are spending money, and at what frequency

Digital trends

From social to search to video, to the next Facebook, real ad spend all in one place

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AccuTV gives the only clear 360-degree picture of 100% of US National TV ad spend available, offering industry trends, benchmarking and pricing data all in one place.


38 product categories and 108 product subcategories (like wine and spirits, or beer)

Upfront Analysis

Only service to offer an accurate view into Upfront, Scatter and direct response

80K+ Unit Costs

90 networks, 9 dayparts, 7 weekdays, 8 spot length averages, and 3 buy types

Genres & Subgenres

NFL, NCAA, MLB, NBA, news, entertainment, specials and more


The ability to stay on top of complete spot counts with paid and unpaid ADU’s

Brand level

Get highly accurate ad spend estimates for all non-SMI pool advertisers

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